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Neglected Tropical Diseases and WASH Index Map


This map has been created to help identify areas with high levels of infection with the WASH-impacted neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and low levels of rural improved water and sanitation coverage.

NTD Burden and WASH Access Index

    Missing Data
  • Higher WASH Access
    & Fewer Diseases
  • Lower WASH Access
    & More Diseases

• Countries depicted in the lightest colors have lower levels of NTD infection and higher levels of levels of improved water and sanitation coverage in rural areas. Light = low disease, high WASH coverage.
• Countries depicted in darker colors have higher levels of NTD infection and lower levels of improved water and sanitation coverage in rural areas. Dark = high disease, low WASH coverage.
• Click on a country to view its disease burden and rural improved water and sanitation coverage levels, and the index number assigned based on this information.

How the index was calculated

Points were given based on whether each of the WASH-impacted neglected tropical diseases occurs in the country (country does not have disease = 0, country has disease = 2). Points were also given based on coverage levels of improved water and sanitation in rural areas, determined by the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program (coverage levels 0 – 50% = 0 points, 50-75% = 1 points, 75%-95% = 2 points, >95% = 3 points). When added up, these index numbers correspond to the color indicated in the legend.

When data were missing, the country was not assigned an index color, but the data points can be viewed in the country pop-up box.

Help us improve

This map utilizes a simplified set of variables and custom index in order to allow users to visually identify areas where low coverage of WASH corresponds with high levels of disease. We invite your suggestions on ways to improve this map and the WASH/NTD index. Send a message to info@washntds.org


WASH and the Neglected Tropical Diseases: A Manual for WASH Implementers is a practical guide intended to help WASH practitioners to target, implement, and monitor WASH program impact on the NTDs, as well as advocate for increased investment in WASH as the foundation to reducing the NTDs and improving the lives of the poor.

Country-specific versions of WASH and the NTDs: A Manual for WASH Implementers, containing information specific to each country’s context, can be accessed using the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. A global version of the manual is available in English and French. Click here to access all manuals on one page.

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